Prices and Registration

We offer three prices: standard price, supported (discounted for those who can’t afford to come otherwise), and surplus (for those who can afford a little extra to support those who need the supported price). Please remember, you can only register for the supported price in advance, before the course starts.

Early-bird pricing: prices are discounted if you register and pay by the 15th of June. This does not apply to the supported price.

If you arrive late in the day, you don’t need to pay the whole price for that day, but this can only be arranged on-site. The day of your departure counts as a full day if you don’t leave Těnovice before 10 a.m. If you are not staying overnight on-site, the full day price still applies.

We won’t be cooking on site - food will be provided by a caterer - so we can only provide food for you on the first day of the course (Thursday the 4th of July). If you register and we receive your payment before the 28th of June.


You can pre-pay or pay online when you register, and we also accept payment by cash or card on site.
If paying online with your card, please make sure to check the CZK currency.
Please help us with planning by registering as soon as possible.

Course pricing Early-bird (before June 15) Standard (after June 15)
Per day The whole course Per day The whole course
Surplus 35 € 147 € 40 € 169 €
Standard 25 € 106 € 30 € 126 €
Supported (only for pre-registration) 20 € 84 € 20 € 84 €
Children 0-3 years 0 0 0 0
Children 4-7 years 2 € 10 € 2 € 10 €
Children 8-14 years 4 € 20 € 4 € 20 €

Food pricing Breakfast Lunch Dinner
2 € 4 € 4 €
The whole course (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) 36 €



Children and teenagers at the course

Please note, this year we have added a price for kids.

Anyone under 18 is welcome to attend the course if accompanied by their parents throughout their stay. Anyone under 18 who wishes to attend without their parents must be accompanied by an adult over 21, who declares their responsibility for them by signing this form.


Digital FM-Radio for translations
Waterproof tent
Warm sleeping bag and camping mat
Meditation cushion and blanket
Wellingtons (rubber boots)